Who are Device Prices?

We are a UK based business with experience in the wholesale mobile device industry, software development and web design.


Our offices are located at Ash House Business Centre, 8 Second Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5RF, UK.



We also have a team in China for data capture.


Our goal is to unlock the mobile device prices in the 'closed' markets of the world in order to bring greater transparency to the industry. We want to work with the whole mobile device community to achieve this and welcome any feedback, advice or ideas that you have.


The best way to contact us is by email, or join our community and receive FREE stats, analysis and updates from us.

How do you collect your data?

Our team in China collects our prices directly from a selection of the many mobile device sales businesses in Shenzhen. We calculate an average price for each device we post prices for.



In UAE our Gargash and Free Zone prices are average sale prices provided through an agreement with a large wholesaler and retailer in Dubai.

When are your prices posted on deviceprices.net?
Our prices are posted weekly, usually on Monday at around 15.00 GMT.
Which brands do you post prices for?
In China for new devices we post prices for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei. For used devices in China we currently post prices for Apple. In UAE we mainly post prices for Apple.
Which models do you post prices for?

We post prices for all Apple mobile phones and flagship devices for Samsung, HTC and Huawei. For each of these we will usually provide prices for the different memory, network and colour options available.


If you click the icon next to a particular date you can to download the price lists we use to calculate our prices, which include a much wider range of brands and devices than we post on the site (China only).

Which grades are your used Chinese device prices for?
The used mobile phone grading system (A/B/C etc) is not used in Shenzhen as devices are typically refurbished when they arrive from Hong Kong.
Are your prices offer or sale prices?

Our new Chinese prices are retail offer prices; in other words, we show you the prices that sellers price their stock at in Shenzhen, China, which should help you to determine your own selling prices. Our used Chinese prices are sale prices provided by the local shops.


Our UAE prices are average sale prices provided weekly by a large wholesaler and retailer in Dubai.

How do you know your prices are accurate?
We have verification processes in place to ensure that the data collected is accurate based on the prices for that day. We also undertake trend analysis on our prices to ensure that any anomalies are picked up at the point of entry. However, if you believe there is an inaccuracy in our data please email info@deviceprices.net.
Which currencies are your prices available in?

You can view our prices in AED, EUR, GBP, HKD, RMB, RGD & USD. Exchange rates are calculated daily via Yahoo! Finance.


Our historic prices, apart from the currency which the data is collected in, reflect exchange rate fluctuations. For example, if you want to analyse historic pricing trends without the influence of exchange rate fluctuations in China you must view the data in RMB.

Which specs are your prices based on?

In China, usually the spec (Hong Kong, EU, US etc) is not shown on the original price lists from which we calculate our prices (new devices only). When prices for different specs are provided, such as with iPhone 6, we take an average of the prices. However, you can view the prices for the different specs if you click the icon to download the price lists we use to calculate our prices. Note, prices for Hong Kong spec devices are usually slightly higher than other regions due to increased demand.

How is payment taken?
We use PayPal to take your payment. When you sign up a “recurring payment” is set up which means your payment will be taken on the same day each month. Even if you do not have a PayPal account you can use a credit or debit card to pay.
Why are mobile device prices from China important?

China remains a key market for new mobile devices, many of which are sold via the grey market in Shenzhen.


Up until now the prices of these devices have been relatively inaccessible to those outside of the region. This is important as the world's wholesale mobile device markets are interconnected. If you buy and sell mobile devices on a global scale, our live market prices from Shenzhen can help empower your decisions.


Our data is especially useful to any trader who sells into Hong Kong and wants intelligence on the likely exit prices of their stock once it has been sold into China.

How do journalists use your data?

We are happy to provide jounalists with pricing data on specific mobile devices to use within their articles as long as deviceprices.net is referenced as the source. Journalists' requests should be made to info@deviceprices.net.

How do I cancel?

Our goal is to always be fair and reasonable. Email info@deviceprices.net and tell us that you wish to cancel your subscription within 24 hours of your next recurring payment date. Your account will be closed at the end of your current billing cycle. Please also remember to cancel your recurring payment as we cannot offer refunds.


If you wish to cancel during your free trial period, please let us know within 24 hours of your first payment.

Have a question that is not answered here? Email info@deviceprices.net. We’ll usually respond within the hour 09.00 - 17.00 UK time.